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Styliamo gives producers, designers and customers an online platform to sell and buy customized products. We designed patterns following our CAD inspired process. These can be applied to rugs, Poufs and other upholstered furniture pieces, but also hard surfaces like wooden table tops.




The creation of the Meshrug

A polysurface of the object was modeled (nurbs CAD drawing of a disc), and then converted into a polygon model. We designed the final pattern by manipulating the polysurface and the conversion parameters, until we were happy with the result.

The mathematics behind the Rauzy Pouf

The Rauzy fractal is a periodic system that is based on the Fibonacci spiral. The result is a tillable pattern consisting of three different tiles.

We also created another pattern for the poufs: consisting of rhombics. It is a graphical representation of a pattern consisting of cubes stacked along their diagonal axes. The whole family was on display at the Styliamo Pop-Up store from November to December 2017 in Munich.