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We were tasked by Stratasys to design objects for their J55 PolyJet printer within the realms of packaging and retail. Our Tokens are a beautiful way to ensure the authenticity of products for brands and their customers.




An array of voxels is seeded within a given volume and coloured in to create floating graphics, optical effects or images. The position of the seeded voxels is differing with every iteration, making each of the 3D printed objects a unique piece, not dissimilar from block chains. Thanks to the high resolution of the printer, we were able to really fine-tune their size and shape. The optical quality of the clear resin allowed us to design various optical effects.

The J55 3D printer by Stratasys uses their PolyJet Technology, which offers a huge range of material and colour options. It can be best described as a three-dimensional inkjet printer that builds up volume by ejecting very small drops of resin, layer by layer. Our process included more than one CAD program and we also took the viewing angle of human eyes into consideration for the projection of our graphics onto the voxels. A hand polish gives the token an almost glass-like quality.

Going into the details

The floating voxels give the token the appearance of a shaken snow globe that is frozen in time, depending on the viewing angle. It gives the object a playfulness and value missing from ordinary proof-of-authenticity labels.

Together with Anna Röder and Markus Mau