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Clic by Oral-B is an eco-friendly, manual toothbrush that combines distinctive iconic design with leading dental expertise to elevate your brushing experience. The design conception and technical implementation were developed and realized in close collaboration with the Oral-B design team in Kronberg, Germany.




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Replaceable brush head and long lasting handle

Oral-B Clic features a replaceable brush head so that you use up to 60% less plastic over two years vs. replacing a regular manual toothbrush every three months. The high precision ClicFit™ mechanism allows the brush head to attach with ease. They are designed with dentists and feature multiple patented technologies, giving you a remarkable cleaning performance and a truly comfortable brushing experience. The long-lasting premium handle with a textured area offers optimal grip and ergonomic performance.

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The Oral-B Clic Manual Toothbrush comes in a variety of modern colors including Matte Black, Chrome Black, and Chrome White for a distinctive, powerful and sophisticated look and feel.

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Magnetic brush holder

The magnetic brush holder is a sleek, modern and hygienic solution to store your manual toothbrush. It can be attached to any surface, so it offers more flexibility and space in your bathroom.