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This exhibition reports on the Horizon 2020 project, called Prestige, an EU wide collaboration between designers, material scientists, material suppliers, end-users and manufacturers, to explore the role that novel materials play in design-driven innovation.




One of the big goals was to stimulate interdisciplinary design research, material research and process refinement and optimisation in order to develop less toxic, more eco-friendly alternatives to existing products and materials.

The Munich Creative Business Week

The exhibition took place during Munich Creative Business Week 2021 at Atelier Beolet . We displayed a haptic steering wheel, a solar cell-powered fitness tracker, a smart cosmetic packaging prototype and a smart bicycle helmet design concept.

All projects use printed electronic materials that have been developed to offer new functionalities and to be more eco friendly alternatives – e.g., organic photovoltaics, organic batteries & supercapacitors, piezoelectric actuators, NFC antennas, hydrophobic nano-coatings and others.

The thoughts behind the exhibition

Our aspiration for the exhibition design was to find an interesting way for the exhibits to coexist with the beautiful surroundings of the old atelier space that is full of character. We needed a lot of wall area since large photographs were a big part of the show beside physical prototypes and material samples.

We chose white glazed spruce wood as the only material for the wall and the plinth to contrast with the technical aesthetics of the exhibits. Furthermore, the new spruce elements lived nicely next to the darker old spruce floorboards.

At the time when we started planning for the exhibition it was foreseeable that it would be unlikely to welcome any visitors to the show due to Covid-19. That is why we designed the exhibition for a photoshoot and for filming rather than for visitors.

Together with Hadrien Fouin, Anna Röder, Yuqin Wu, Agatha Sowinski, Nina Eder and Valerie Feiertag

Special thanks to Dominique Beolet for all the valuable support during the planning phase, for the installation and for having us in his atelier space.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 761112