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Aura 100

The Aura 100 is a bicycle front light that is setting new standards for road safety and connectivity. The design process and product realisation were closely developed in collaboration with the Sigma Sport Team. It has won the Eurobike 2021 Award in the category “Bike Accessories”.


Sigma Sport


Shining brightly

The Aura 100 is Sigma Sport’s most powerful StVZO-conform front light with up to 100lux luminosity and a 110m range, to ensure great visibility in road traffic and off-road. The strong and homogeneous illumination is made possible thanks to a high-quality, specially developed collimator lens in combination with a high-power Osram LED. We designed the light to be and feel as compact as possible, despite its high performance.

The connected light set consists of the Aura 100 and the rear brake light Blaze. The innovation: through a low-energy Bluetooth link function, the lights can be coupled together. Once connected, both lights can be switched on and off via the Aura 100 user interface. A light sensor is used to automatically adjust the LED brightness according to the ambient light. The battery status of both lights can also be read via the Aura 100 UI. All this leads to a very comfortable and safe bicycle lighting solution.

Going into detail

A straight visible cut defines the minimalistic main shape of the Aura 100, which is further emphasized through surface finishes. The sliced section facing the cyclist integrates the user interface and is contrasted by the matte front part that houses the lighting components. Subtle textures indicate touchpoints for better ergonomics.

"The side light strip increases the cyclist’s sides visibility, which further increases travel safety, especially in city traffic."

Jan Wertel

Together with Anna Röder and Markus Mau