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Mannequin Collection

The collection features a range of furniture pieces from simple chairs to cozy lounge chairs as well as bar stools and tables that complement each other. It is also possible to choose height adjustable versions that suit office or home office needs.




Beginning with the chair

The basic form of the Mannequin chair is plain, friendly and comfortable. The choice of one of the three ‘quilted dresses’, colors and bases gives the chair its final character. The inspiration for it comes from our interest in patterns and structures and the concept of changing the appearance of a chair by dressing it in different ‘clothes’.

Getting comfy in the lounge chair

The Mannequin lounge chair inherits its character, friendliness and softness from the Mannequin Chair. The seat is cozy and comfortable and upholstered with a removable three dimensionally quilted fabric. The chair is available with two different base options – steel and wood.

Moving to the office

Mannequin office chairs feature a wheel base with and without height adjustment. The seat height ranges from 42-50 cm. The collection is complemented by a stool with wheelbase.

Sitting high

Mannequin bar stools can be ordered with height adjustment that feature a wooden base and a round seat, either upholstered or in solid wood. The bar stool without height adjustment comes in two different heights, with a steel wire base and a more ergonomic upholstered seat.

"Mannequin tables come in various shapes, sizes and colors. They are stylish and artistic furniture pieces for any space."

Gernot Oberfell