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Buster Series

Together with Sigma Sport we have developed the Buster Series: a range of bicycle headlights that provide optimal illumination for all-weather touring and night adventures.


Sigma Sport


The family consists of four different models that feature different lighting power levels, battery sizes and number of LEDs.

Part of the Buster range’s versatility comes from the number of available mounts: they can be placed either on the handlebar, the stem or onto a helmet, with quick releases or more permanent solutions. All lights feature an interchangeable mounting interface. We worked hard on integrating all the technical requirements as well as ergonomic features into a seamless design language, with added surface textures and material choices for better ergonomics.

Getting in touch

Several different lighting modes are available with each Buster model to ensure flexibility in terms of brightness and battery life. Thanks to the LED indicators on the top, you always have an eye on the current setting and remaining battery life. The pre-set mode profiles can be programmed by the cyclist for further individualisation.

The slim silhouette is complemented with a line pattern that gives more grip when handling the light while also providing a distinctive look. Together with the Team at Sigma Sport we focused on key values: performance and fun. And we hope the Buster shines alight on future adventures. Pun intended.

Together with Anna Röder