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About us

We design consumer products, furniture and lighting for start-ups, family businesses and global brands within the space of industrial design and speculative design research.

How we can help

Industrial Design

At our core we are industrial designers

We really like to care about the form of a product - the perfect composition of its curves, surfaces, edges. Finding it without neglecting any other of the forces pulling on a design, like ergonomics, manufacturing and materials, can be a worthwhile challenge. Because we absolutely believe a refined form will make a difference in the way a customer relates to your product.

Digital Design

New tools for new ideas

Additive manufacturing, scripted modelling and parametric design have opened amazing new avenues for ideas and possibilities in the way we develop products. We have been part of the digital design revolution from the beginning, as showcased in several renowned museums and collections around the world - giving numerous products their iconic character and form.

Furniture and Lighting

On a human scale

For us, furniture and lighting are very personal and meaningful objects, since they always surround us and you interact with them every day. Ideally you will live with them for your whole life. Collaborating closely with family owned businesses gave us insights into how good design can have a strong impact in the continued success of small brands.

Applied Research

Speculative design

Speculating about the future of design means also thinking about the future of human society. Together with international research groups we created concepts and ideas that lead the way for more ecological products, smarter use of materials and production technologies. We create awareness for emerging trends and developments.

Our expertise

Images speak louder than words.

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