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The Dragonfly.MGX pendant light draws inspiration from the curved honeycomb structure of insect eyes and their optical qualities. The fascination for us lies within its complex three-dimensional array of photoreceptor cells or in this case light emitting cells.


MGX by Materialize


Dragonfly.MGX is taking functional requirements like glare shielding and direct/indirect light into consideration. Therefore, the skin is closed on the upper cells and gradually opens towards the lower part to let lighter pass through.

It utilizes a standard size light bulb, like an energy saving light bulb E27, thus making it a fully functional pendant light. Dragonfly.MGX is made in Epoxy and is produced with 3d printing technology. This process becomes more and more interesting for mass production.

On 13th April 2010 Dragonfly.MGX was introduced to the public at the furniture fair in Milan, Italy and at Light & Building in Frankfurt, Germany.