Stases for Stratasys

We were tasked by Stratasys to design objects for their J55 PolyJet printer within the realms of packaging and retail. Stases is a range of cork stoppers made for luxury spirits that celebrates the essence of the liquids contained within.


Fine spirits such as cognacs often have a history and very individual characters, and are often savoured over a long period of time. To celebrate the craft and time that went into the creation of these liquors, we came up with the idea of freezing this liquid in an animated state within a cork stopper.


For Stases we simulated splashing a liquid in a spiralling way within a containing form. By controlling the different aspects of the liquid we were able to come close to a realistic representation of liquor. Stills from the different stages of the animation gave us direct access to printable 3D files.


The J55 printer by Stratasys was great in recreating the fine details of the simulation. The visual effect of keeping a liquid in stasis was really well achieved. By having a digital animation as a 3D file source we could make each cork stopper a one-of piece by using one frame at a time for printing.

Printing Quality

The optical quality of Stratasys’ resin makes the pieces almost look like glass.

Project assistant: Anna Röder