Razor Maker by Gillette

Razor Maker by Gillette is an initiative to make 3D printed products available to the broader public. The handles are printed by Formlabs and feature standard Gillette heads. They can be customised and ordered online.
Our designs are based on a range of themes, from Art Deco to parametric design, and feature various finishing options. The printed materials used are very durable and able to withstand daily use.


The stereolithography printing process allows for very fine detailing, giving us the opportunity to play with digital surface textures and varying wall thicknesses.


We provided all the CAD data for the designs. Besides looking for interesting designs we also focussed on ergonomics and printability. Some designs were tested in-house on our FDM printers.


The final handles were manufactured in a clear or colored resin that needs to be cured by UV light after being printed. Once hardened they can be treated with various color and finishing options.

Image by Formlabs


A selection of our designs. Many more were made…