Play & Work is a modular office furniture systems. Single desks, work benches, double sided desks, communal working areas and meeting areas can be configured. The design is influenced by modernist architecture, and the colour, material & finish takes inspiration from contemporary home furniture.

The result is an office furniture system that makes the modern workspace more friendly, comfortable and humane, without compromising on its functionality.

System overview

Play & Work is taking into account the needs of modern office workers: organization, personalization, customization, privacy, openness, friendliness, communication, spaces for team work, spaces to retreat, cable management, storage…

Single desk

Different types of panels allow to configure your workspace to be permeable, semi-permiable or closed and more privat.

Double desk

Communal area

Details and impressions

A big family of accessories complement Play & Work, and allows for further customisation by the user.