Epochs combines the marvelously tiny Lumix DMC-GM1 interchangeable lens camera with 3D printed parts.

The project was inspired by different design epochs such as art nouveau, modernism and digitalism.

Our aim was to really push the boundaries of how thin and miniscule we can go with 3D printing, and how to add strength, durability and more value by coating the parts with real metals like copper and nickel. The results are very delicate structures (partly around 0.5mm), that are strong enough to be used on an everyday basis. We also made the ergonomics of the camera better by adding a grip feature to some of the designs.

Art nouveau is embodied by an organic, root like structure that is copper coated, modernism by a minimalistic and geometric hole pattern in silver nickel, whilst digitalism shows a more complex, three dimensional weave texture that could only be made with modern CAD software.

Epochs was launched at the Photokina 2014 in Cologne.

Making of

epoch data - art nouveau
epoch data - modernism
epoch data - digitalism
stl part raw & stl part metal plated
3d printed parts are superglued onto camera