KGM Chocolates

The KGM (Kunstgewerbe Museum/arts and crafts museum) Berlin invited us for a two-months solo exhibition. We used the space and time to organise a design lab situation open to visitors, where we spent one to two days a week working on experimental projects.

The KGM Chocolates were a little side project during our time at the museum – we wanted to test the effects of different surface textures to the tasting experience of chocolate. Using our tools for generating complex surface geometries, we settled on five pattern that we 3D printed and then made silicone molds from to cast the chocolates.

The effects of the textures were not so much in them tasting differently, but the sensorial experience of the chocolates. We also started playing with the ingredients, to see if there are certain textures that supplement different recipes. This is an ongoing project.

The cast molds made from food-safe silicone.

A nice side effect of the process were the 3D printing lines still visible in the cast chocolates.

Making of

The silicone parts were cast in an open mold.

Project assistant: Anna Röder