Designing the Gourmet Tray we envisioned a versatile product that makes storing foods, preparing them, cooking dishes and serving them a more seamless experience.

The core idea, the design conception and technical implementation were developed and realized in close collaboration with Neff Design team.

© Copyright and photo credits: WertelOberfell

Gourmet Tray consists of a bamboo tray, 4 heat & cold resistant glass bowls, 4 air tight lids and 4 covers for the bowls that can also be used to protect the wooden tray if you serve foods like butter, cheese etc. Gourmet Tray is stored in your fridge, sitting on a special metal frame, that sits space-saving underneath one of the glass shelfs.

Gourmet Tray is compatible with all Neff kitchen appliances and works perfectly in your fridge, your oven, your freezer, your microwave and is easy to clean in your dish washer.

© Copyright and photo credits: NEFF