3D Instagraph Fusion III by NEXR

The Fusion III is a 3D scanning system for creating high resolution avatars that can be later used for various applications, such as virtual realities, shopping experiences and medical treatments. It was developed by Berlin based start-up NeXR. A combination of depth sensors and photogrammetry allow it to scan a person within three seconds, which is extremely fast for the resulting scan precision. We were tasked with designing the scanner and its UX. It was launched at CES 2020.


The 3D Scanner includes modern infrared sensors and a total of 132 high-resolution cameras, with each camera having 18 megapixels. Within three seconds, the Fusion III captures a digital silhouette with reliable and exact measurements of the whole body. The panel lights emanate an even and pleasant light to achieve the highest possible optical quality.

Images by NEXR


A virtual assistant with a simple interface inside the scanner guides the customer through the entire scanning process. The user receives step-by-step instructions that are accompanied by simple graphics and a voice assistant, that provide a pleasant scanning experience.

The associated terminal shows the generated scan data as photorealistic avatars. It can also be used for many applications, including health and fitness, fashion industry as well as the 3D printing and gaming industry.

Scanner Screen




We applied a modular platform approach towards the industrial design of the scanner, meaning the outside panels can be easily replaced with other design options. This allows the scanner to fit better into its various environment.


NeXR Technologies SE presented the Instagraph Fusion III at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2020 and at the Photo Booth Expo (PBX) in February 2020. Visitors were able to scan themselves and test the wide range of possible applications.