Designing the new Neff Creative Extractor Hood we considered it to be a piece of furniture rather than a technical kitchen tool.

We wanted it to integrate nicely into the kitchen environment and to allow being used in a creative way to support you while you are cooking – being it placing your cookbook on it’s little shelf, pinning recipes, pictures or anything that inspires you onto it’s magnetic front or simply making notes onto it’s beautiful writable glass surface.

The core idea and the design conception were developed in collaboration with Neff Design team. The final design and technical implementation was realized by Neff Design.

The extractor hood is equipped with an ambient light that was designed and developed by Neff. It features 31 different colors so that the atmosphere of the room adapts to your mood and the occasion.

Furthermore the Creative Extractor Hood is equipped with a fully automated extraction control and with a power boost mode, that is switched on by folding the front slightly up.
It will be available in 3 different colors, orange, green and black, and will be on sale in January 2017.

© Copyright and photo credits: NEFF