African Table

Our African Table is a 3D printed side table. The idea for the piece derives from photographs depicting antique African side tables and bowl stands with interlocking wooden legs, which are skillfully hand carved from a single piece of wood.

Exploring the idea of interlocking legs further and creating a modern interpretation of this typology we used state of the art CAD software and a 3D printer allowing this complex geometry being built in one piece.

This particular 3D sand printing process, called binder jetting, gives our African Table its interesting raw aesthetic due to its rough surface finish. It is commonly used in the automotive industry for prototyping and small batch production and offers the possibility to realise pretty large and complex objects.

An iterative Design & prototyping process helped us to understand and refine the interlocking shape to create a beautiful and stable connection.

Making of

Printed in sand and afterwards infiltrated with resin. Built by ExOne Gmbh (Germany) using a process called binder jetting.