With Levitate we created a professional office system that takes a lot of cues from residential furniture design. This is embodied by the chosen materials and soft form language, but also in the way how it can easily be adjusted and personalised with a range of accessories and additions.

Levitate was introduced to the public during Oragtec 2016 in Cologne.


The basic table with its characteristic wooden legs can be equipped with upholstered panels, a drawer unit and a 3rd level storage cabinet.

The table can be slid open to reveal a spacious compartment for storage and cable management. Various powder coated steel accessories slide onto the panels and the table top. They extend the functionality of the system and allow for personalisation.


Levitate is available as a single desk or a double sided workstation.

Levitate is fitted with a pull-out bag hook

Home Office

Levitate not only works well in a professional environment but also in home offices.


Levitate collection features a high table, high benches and stools for short group meetings.