The Basslet is a wearable subwoofer for your body. Using a whole new technology for sound, it delivers the beats and basslines of your music directly to you – so you can literally feel the music. The result is a powerful sound experience that headphones alone cannot provide. 

We created the smallest possible package around Lofelts incredible technology. The result is a design that takes inspiration from professional musical equipment, and that offers no distraction from the Basslet experience. A lot of attention went into making it comfortable to wear by optimising the choice of materials, surfaces and forms, and also on detailing that gives the minimalistic design more depth and usability.

The Basslet is a masterpiece of engineering. It puts the power and accuracy of a large sound system into a device that fits on your wrist. It is completely silent to the outside world – and despite the size, it makes you feel like you are surrounded by sound.

photo credits_Lofelt and Ragnar


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